More than 250 people had their Covid-19 vaccinations at the Gurudwara Sikh Temple in Takanini on Saturday night (4 September).

The night clinic was organised by Unichem Pakuranga Pharmacy co-owner Vicky Chan in collaboration with the Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand.

The event aimed to get members of the Sikh Society vaccinated in a safe and familiar space in their own language.

Dr Rawiri Mckree Jansen says “It’s pleasing to see GPs and pharmacies being so proactive and supporting their communities to be protected from COVID-19.” “We need to ensure that everyone feels they have choices as to where they can get their vaccinations, and for many their local GP or pharmacy will be a place where they feel most comfortable” he said.

There are now 30 Auckland pharmacies participating in the vaccine rollout programme and 101 General Practitioners (GPs).

Chan said holding vaccination clinics at places like the Sikh Temple allowed people who don’t have English as a first language to access the vaccine in a place they can have information translated – and feel at ease.