Booster Dose FAQ's

When can I get my booster dose? 

The Pfizer booster dose is now available.

 You can get the booster at least 6 months following your second dose. You need to be aged 18 and over.

How can I get my booster dose?

You can book your booster dose by using the Book My Vaccine website, calling 0800 28 29 26 or by walking in to any vaccination centre, GP or pharmacy that offers vaccinations. 

For a complete list of where to get vaccinated click here.

Why do I need a booster dose? 

The protection provided by the Pfizer vaccine wanes over time, particularly from 6 months after your second dose.

A booster dose can improve the protection from infection provided by the original vaccinations. This helps to prevent you from getting very sick if you do get COVID-19, and reduce the burden on hospitals and healthcare workers.

The protection for severe disease and death is maintained with the primary course but a booster helps protect you from getting the virus. 

Is it mandatory to get a booster dose?

Currently, booster doses will not be mandatory for workers who are required to be vaccinated. They are also not required to get a vaccine certificate used to access events, gyms, churches, hairdressers, and other services and premises.

What if I am immunocompromised?

Some people over the age of 12 who are severely immunocompromised will be eligible to get a third primary dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This third dose will be optional, but is recommended. This primary third dose is different to a booster dose for the general population.

Find more information on how to get a third primary dose

What if I have had another vaccine overseas? 

Regardless of which COVID vaccination you have had overseas, you can receive a booster dose. If you are in New Zealand, aged 18 and older and it is at least 6 months following the second dose you will be eligible for a booster dose.